Mikael Gustavsson

Agile Transformation Leaders in Volvo Cars APAC


Mikael has been working in different roles in Volvo Cars Product Development for more than 30 years. He has been part of the agile transformation since it was founded in Volvo Cars in Sweden. His previous role before Agile Transformation in APAC he was Deputy Vice President for Software & Electronics in Volvo Cars R&D, Sweden.


The Agile Journey at Volvo Cars: How Volvo Cars became full scaled agile with Product Development.


Volvo Cars has globally transformed the complete Product Development including Software, Mechatronics and Hardware from traditional waterfall to agile since 2017. Their journey serves as an inspiration on how to do a large scale Agile Transformation.



Volvo Cars are sharing their experience going from zero to a full-scale agile system with around 1000 agile teams in less than three years. The transformation was done in parallel to developing and launching of a number of new cars to the market. The sharing will touch upon topics such as starting an Agile transformation, important steps for their success and learnings along the journey.